Our free printable template and step-by-step instructions will help you create a charming dog drawing effortlessly.

Step One: Head

Start by drawing a circle for the dog’s head, with a slight point at the bottom to indicate the muzzle.

Step Two: Ears

On either side of the head, draw rounded, upside-down triangle shapes for the dog’s ears.

Step Three: Eyes

Inside the head, add two circular shapes for the dog’s eyes. You can also add smaller circles for pupils to bring the eyes to life.

Step Four: Nose and Mouth

Below the eyes, draw an upside-down triangle for the nose. Add a small curved line below the nose for the mouth in the shape of a w.

Step Five: Body and Legs

Extend curved lines from the bottom of the head for the dog’s body. Curve these lines outward slightly to indicate the chest.

Step Six: Front Legs and Tail

Draw two larger curved lines that come out further to indicate the back legs, adding small curves at the bottom for the feet and toes. Draw two front legs extending from the body, with curved lines for the paws. Add some chest hair for detail. On the side of the body, draw a tail curving upwards to make pup look happy.

Step Seven: Outline and Erase

Go over your sketch with a darker pen or pencil to outline the dog’s features and add any final details. Erase any overlapping lines or unnecessary guidelines to clean up your drawing.

With our free printable guide and easy-to-follow steps, drawing a dog is both fun and accessible for beginners. Feel free to customise your dog with different markings, expressions, and tail positions to make it uniquely yours.